Santa Went Country


Saturday 30 October 2021

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Looking for Will Carter? You might start in Katy, his hometown, not far from Houston. Or you could check at some of the hottest honky-tonks and clubs in southeast Texas, where if you’re lucky you’ll be near the stage as the Will Carter Band hit their opening song. It won’t take long before their true country music sweeps you and the rest of the crowd onto the dance floor.

Unlike so much else of what we hear today, Carter’s music rides on a silent but unmistakable undercurrent. It nourishes his songs with a sense that he writes from experience. It nurtures an impression that he was taught from Day One to work hard with the hand you’re dealt and pursue your passion only when you know you have the knowledge you need to succeed.

These lessons began at home, through the example of his father, who valued self-sufficiency in life and business. After his passing, Carter would take a job at his stepfather’s construction firm. Once he had earned his BS in construction science with a minor in business administration at Texas A&M, he would work for several of the largest general contracting firms in Houston before branching out on his own.

Few performers in any genre can match Carter’s blend of native talent, determination and drive. Good Bad Idea doesn’t just make this clear, it also signals the launch of a career that will capture the allegiance of young and old, those who savour old-school and those who can’t wait for school to let out for spring break. And here’s another sure bet: Carter’s ready to ride, right now.

Ticking down his mental list, he notes, “The band and I are solid. We’ve got our songs together. Our show is tight.” He muses for a second and then laughs. “I guess all that’s left is to hop on the bus, hit the road and get out of town.”

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