host of  Caitlin’s Country Music Hour

In 2017, Caitlin’s career took a further leap when she became the presenter of ‘Caitlin’s Country Music Hour’ – one of the most popular shows on the channel.

Caitlin, who originates from the town of Newcastle in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, sprung on to the Irish folk and country music scene back in 2002, when her soulful voice – described as ‘one of the most beautiful and evocative voices in Ireland’ – was first heard on the radio.

She quickly became a household name, recording multiple albums and touring across Ireland, the UK and beyond with artists such as Isla Grant, Mike Denver, Roly Daniels, Brendan Grace and Brian Coll.

With seven studio albums now under her belt, Caitlin returned to the Irish and UK country music scene with ease in 2014, having taken a well-earned career break to concentrate on her family life, and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Best known for her haunting Irish ballads and toe-tapping country tunes, her music is varied and unpredictable, and her captivating, unique and evocative voice continues to impress, as well as capture the hearts of audiences far and wide.

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