Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have put their private island resort in the Bahamas up for sale.

If you’re on the market for a new home, it might be worth getting in touch with the country superstar couple – but we’d advise you check your online banking first to make sure you have a spare $35m in available funds.

That roughly converts to a mere £25m – and you’d get £26,754.50 change.

The pair reportedly bought the island in the Bahamas called “L’ile d’Anges” back in 2003 but didn’t move in to their new home until nine years later, having somewhat underestimated the work involved.  They effectively had to build everything from scratch: housing for the construction staff followed by the entire infrastructure for the construction crews including everything from electricity to water.

Speaking about the project, Hill said: “We set out to build a house. We had no idea we’d have to build everything else. We basically had to build a town.”

The couple and their three daughters used to holiday on the island and stay in yurts (large portable tents) while the main residence was being built.  The estate agent listing includes the two beachfront yurts, three staff houses and a private dock among the included features.

The main dwelling itself is situated high up near the centre of the island and offers sweeping views of the stunning surroundings.  The mansion covers over 6,500 square feet with an extra 5,000 square feet of verandas and open hallways that connect the eight individual areas (known as ‘pods’) that make up the main home.  The building comprises four bedrooms and five bathrooms, so there’s plenty of room for friends and family to visit – post-pandemic of course.

And if outdoor living is your thing, you’ll have almost 20 acres to play with, alongside more than a mile of waterfront property.

McGraw and Hill are no strangers to luxury living, having owned a Beverly Hills mansion (sold in 2009 for $9.5m) and a Nashville mansion which they sold the same year.  They currently own a historic rural estate in Tennessee as well as their main residence; a five bedroom, 10 bathroom home taking up an impressive 22,460 square feet.

Of course you’d be mad to part with your money without viewing the property first, so we’ve helpfully provided a few snaps below…