host of  Glenn Rogers’ Crazy World

Glenn was alongside Phil Mack when the original Phil Mack Country Show was launched back in 2010.  He has been part of the Keep It Country/Spotlight team from the very beginning.

An entertainment and media industry professional for over 40 years, Glenn started out in musical theatre, primarily as a pit musician but with increasing interest and involvement in technical theatre, sound design and automation.

Glenn’s love of country music developed without him realising. “My Dad was in the Navy and would bring records back from the States.  These ranged from Hank Williams, George Jones, Waylon Jennings all the way to Sinatra and Martin.  To us it was just ‘music’, we didn’t pigeonhole it, but I developed a love for the gritty simplicity and, often, comical lyric of those early country singers and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I was probably well into my 20’s before it dawned on me that it was country music.”

With degrees in Music and Technical Theatre, Glenn has kept his hand on the pulse of the latest innovations in broadcasting and media production.

Over the past 25 years Glenn has become a well-recognised figure throughout the European country music scene and world wide in the linedance scene.  He is a multi-award winner having collected 2 BCMA Awards for dedicated artist, 4 Crystal Boot Awards for best artist, 2 Crystal Boot awards for best album and was inducted into the Linedance Hall Of Fame in 2009.  He was also recognised in the 2018 Hot Country Awards for outstanding contribution to Country Music in Ireland.

Though health issues have kept him away from public shows in the last few years, Glenn is happy to be able to continue to bring smiles to peoples faces through his show.

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