host of  Maria’s Gospel Hour

Singer and musician Maria Doherty from Co. Donegal in Ireland is the vibrant presenter of Maria’s Gospel Hour since it started in 2016.  Her wealth of knowledge about both music and her faith combine in her joyful, touching hour of lovingly chosen gospel songs.

Maria Doherty is a singer and musician who is the vibrant presenter of Maria’s Gospel Hour.

She performs with her father in the group “Hugh P. and Maria”.  The two have enjoyed wide success with their last two CDs and have enjoyed performing at many events from concerts and dances to churches at weddings to everything in between.  They love the live atmosphere and really enjoy bringing people a much needed lift, but also have enjoyed success online, with their Youtube videos garnering millions of views.

Maria also has a strong faith and really wants to give her viewers a lift, she desires her viewers to see God’s love for them.  She volunteers at many events and leads music for the largest faith youth organisation in Ireland.  Many have commented on her joy and this can be seen in her lovely Gospel Hour through which she brings the viewer touching and inspiring music each week.

Maria has a Masters in music and has studied theology.  Her knowledge and love of both music and God make for a winning combination on her show Maria’s Gospel Hour.  She earnestly wants to give the viewer a lift and her big heart can be seen in her genuine and simply heartfelt presentation of the show.

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