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Singer-songwriter and winner of the “Hottest Act In Irish Country Music” award.

Originally from Germany, Sina Theil started playing piano and writing songs at the age of 7; later on learning guitar and forming her first college bands.

In 2015 she decided to take a leap of faith, relocated to Ireland by herself and became a student at the prestigious Music College BIMM.  Funding her musical education through busking on the streets of Dublin, she developed her performance skills as the lead singer of various rock groups.  To date she has scored fourteen #1 singles and a #1 and #2 album in the Irish Country Download Charts; her songs have been played close to 10,000 times on Irish radio as well as stations located in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Holland, etc.

She was recently awarded “Hottest Act in Irish Country Music” and has appeared in many Irish magazines and press publications such as RSVP Magazine, VIP Magazine, the Irish Music Magazine, The Sunday World and The Farmer’s Journal to mention a few.

Sina is endorsed by Black Sheep Guitars Thailand and Bullet Cable.

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