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Sinead’s love for country music began at the young age of 3 years old. Coming from a family that are steeped in generations of musicians ,it is no surprise that Sinead has followed in their footsteps.

Sinead’s father, Alex Black is a well known and talented singer-songwriter. He has written hits for Daniel O’Donnell , Mick Flavin and Johnny Loughrey to name a few. Sinead’s parents supported Sinead’s love for country music from day one. Her mother, Anne would take Sinead to her father’s local gigs and Sinead would embrace it all and even sing a song or two.

Sinead’s childhood summers were spent in places like the Allingham Arms Hotel and Westport at country music dances with her parents. “ I remember watching artists like Declan Nerney and Jimmy Buckley and thinking I wanna be on that stage when I grow up”.

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